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What's in your Lubricant JUST might shock you!
7 Ingredients
to Avoid

Sexual lubricants can be a vital accessory in a couple’s bedroom.


Not all sexual lubricants, however, are created equally. A surprising number—including even some purported to be more or less natural—include synthetic or toxic compounds that could cause unpleasant reactions or pose health risks.



Organic Lubricant

What is Osmolality

& Why Should You Care

"New evidence suggests that many personal lubricants sold on store shelves today may have the potential to damage your sensitive genital tissues, and may increase your risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), even HIV."


Dr. Steelsmith

Vaginal Dryness Causes

FDA Cleared

& NSF Certified

Fortunately many lubricants are now being properly cleared by the FDA and Certified  to NSF standards for your safety.


After all if you can choose a safe one why not...

organic lubricant

 What Can We Trust?

Unfortunately we trust companies to sell products that are safe
- especially when they are being used on and in the most sensative areas of our bodies.
Fact is, most lubricants are full of harmful chemicals that can irritate your skin,
trigger yeast infections and make you more susceptable to STDs.
what's in today's
top-selling lubricants

*Product Ingredients taken from companies websites in September 2014  & from  Source:

~ Doctors, Sexperts & Your Peers are Recommending ~

“Conventional lubes are a minefield of dangerous chemicals. Luckily, there are amazing, natural solutions... like Aloe Cadabra.”

— The Eco-Stiletto

best organic natural lubricant

"Thankfully, a few new companies are developing lubeswith all-natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals. My favorite lubricant of all is Aloe Cadabra. With it's aloe vera – widely revered as a natural skin healer and rejuvenator – Aloe Cadabra actually nourishes and soothes while it moisturizes.

— Jayia

Organic Lubricant Vaginal Dryness

“Aloe is a star healer and lubricant, and it’s absorbed by the body safely (bonus—no mess). If you’re committed to going natural even while you’re in the buff, you now have options.”

ELLE Magazine

organic lubricant vaginal dryness

"It’s all natural and contains 95% organic aloe vera. Yup, the same stuff you slather on your skin to make it silky. Turns out, the good stuff works just as well when moisturizing other parts of your body."

— GLAMOR Magazine

“Aloe Cadabra stands up really well, does not have a bitter aftertaste and the consistency and distribution work beautifully for playtime.”

Megan Andelloux, Sex Educator

organic lubricant vaginal dryness

"If there ’s one thing that there isn’t enough of in this world, is safer lubricant alternatives. On top of that, aloe, as most people know, has magical healing properties. And as a girl, you know that your girly parts can get aggravated easily. So this is a nice change. Maybe this is where the magic comes in."

— Safe Mama

Aloe Cadabra® is the leading premium natural lubricant made from 95% organic aloe vera, enriched with Vitamin E, NSF Organic Cirtified and FDA Cleared.
You Will Love What it's Got &
Your Body Will Love What it's Not ©
What Aloe Cadabra's Got:
Number One Ingredient ~ 
The First thing on the label is Organic Aloe Vera.
To rejuvenate the skin and provide a satiny feel
Each tube is packed over 95% full of Organic Aloe
Made in the USA in an Organic Certifed Facility
Vitamin E: To help nourish your skin and increase lubricity
Xanthan gum: To naturally thicken Aloe Vera for a smooth, lasting glide
Natural Citric acid: To help maintain your body’s natural ph balance
As Natural as Nature
What Aloe Cadabra's Not:
No harsh ingredients
No petrochemicals
No parabens
No glycerin
No glycol
No silicone aka dimethyl: may dry skin out
No Estrogen
No gluten
No dairy
Not a bottle of water

Make the switch to a premium product


Order Aloe Cadabra TODAY



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best organic lubricant
vaginal dryness treatment
aloe cadabra organic lubricant
vaginal dryness treatment
try organic vaginal lubricant for vaginal dryness

Taihaitian Vanilla -Flavored & Scented

try organic vaginal lubricant for vaginal dryness


Natural Aloe

try organic vaginal lubricant for vaginal dryness
organic vaginal lubricant for vaginal dryness
organic vaginal lubricant for vaginal dryness

French Lavender

Pina Colada

-Flavored & Scented

Peppermint Tingle

-Flavored,  Scented

A Mild Sensation

Aloe Cadabra left me soft, smooth, fresh and not wanting to run to the bathroom to hose off afterwards!
...I'm not putting horrible chemicals in my body."
-Melinda Roberts,
The Mommy Blog


natural treatment of vaginal dryness
Start Your Journey
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To: The Makers of Aloe Cadabra®


Thanks for giving us a better choice for our bodies.


You saw we didn't have many options; so you gave us the opportunity to make a better choice.


Now that the moisture is back - the pleasure is back!



A Greatful Couple, married over 45 years.

These now are "the best days of our lives!"

Organic Lubricant

The Story of Cosmetics: "Examines the use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care items."   



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