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Customer Testimonials

Enjoy some genuine client testimonials for Aloe Cadabra® Natural Personal Lubricant.

Thank you - we loved it!"


"It feels like I'm being conditioned while we're enjoying ourselves. Amazing."


"Wow, it feels as close to my natural state as anything I've tried."


"Very appreciative of this fantastic product, it feels like we're teenagers again."


"Send it fast. It's our anniversary. And, we need it."


"Before Aloe Cadabara. UTI (urinary tract infections).

After Aloe Cadabra, simply feeling good."


"It's a rule. No play unless we have Aloe Cadabra."


"It's my new favorite lube!"


"This stuff rocks!"


"Love this stuff. Love that the packaging is inconspicuous."


"It works for me. And, the chairwoman loves it. Bravo!"


"Aloe Cadabra is the best lube!!! Takes very little and doesn't leave me feeling sticky. Ohhh yeah. Thanks!"


"This stuff is amazing for all ages."


"I purchased Aloe Cadabra a few days ago, the contents looked great, all natural. OMG. This product is wonderful. I want to use it often. My hubby is happy! Am throwing out the KY, ugh. Aloe is just so amazing, I will continue to purchase this product."


"Now that I know, I'll never go back to chemicals. Thank you!"


"Great for everyday use, great for our special moments, thanks."


"I love the lavender. The scent is a whole 'nother turn-on."


"The pain is gone. The spark is back. Thank you!"


"Pure, literally and figuratively, fun. Amazing stuff."


"Cancer caused dryness and discomfort. Aloe Cadabra has been a great solution."


"Love the moisture."


"It feels so clean. I love it."


"Wow, we were embarrassed to try it. But now, we can't imagine life without it."

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